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Community Raises Money To Buy New Car For Pizza Hut Delivery Man

One of my favorite kinds of stories is when entire communities rally together for someone, and that’s what Tipton, Indiana did for their favorite pizza delivery person!

Robert Peters (whom is affectionately known as Mr. Smiley around town) has been delivering Pizza Hut for 31 years now, and he has loved it! He enjoys getting to see so many faces every day, and said he might even be the only person someone see’s in a day.

One of his long time regular customers found out Robert’s 28-year-old car was on its last leg, and decided to turn to the community through the beauty of social media.

Within 3 days, the community raised almost $19,000, which was enough for a new car, insurance, and left-over cash for gas!

Safe to say, Tipton’s got the world’s happiest and maybe most deserving delivery guy. Congrats Robert!

Photo: Getty