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Here Are The Top 10 'Super Bowl' Snacks In America

In today's Froggy's Food News, we are breaking down the top 10 Super Bowl Foods in America. What made and didn't make the list?! Well Danielle was SHOCKED by number 10 when Froggy said 'deviled eggs.' However Elvis was down with any of these dishes! Which is your favorite? Take a look at the list and let us know!

Here are the Top 10 Super Bowl Snacks In America:

10 - Deviled eggs

9 - Nachos

8 - Pigs in a blanket

7 - Potato skins

6 - Guacamole

5 - Seven layered dip

4 - Pizza

3 - Spinach and artichoke dip

2 - Buffalo chicken dip

1- Chicken wings