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Straight Nate Goes Through Scotty B's Studio: Here's What He Found!

While Scotty B is working from home, Straight Nate took on the task of going through his studio. In today's 15 Minute Morning Show we are going through Scotty B's space to see how much of a hoarder he really is....

Scotty B's studio is right off of the main studio. He eats breakfast there, records his Cereal Killers Podcast there and spends all of his time now that we're socially distanced in the office in there. So when he left to work from home this week, Nate decided to take a look at what exactly is in there. What did he find? 'Dunkin wrapping paper, a three year old open bottle of wine, world cup stickers, old cereal, Nate's old ID card, a camcorder and more!

How does Scotty feel about all this happening to his office? Watch above and find out!