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Elvis Duran Surprises Froggy With Tickets To The Super Bowl

Froggy and his son Caden have been dreaming of their team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going to the Super Bowl for forever and now they will be there to watch!

After much deliberation and Froggy even looking into taking another mortgage out on their home, him and his wife Lisa decided to just have a gathering at their home for the big game day. We even found out Tuesday morning that Froggy was actually offered an extra ticket to the game, however going without his son was something he could simply not do. But then something amazing happened.....

Elvis Duran surprised Froggy and his son live on our Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Tuesday morning with TWO tickets to the Super Bowl LV where the Buccaneers will face off the Kansas City Chiefs. The announcement brought both guys to hug and cry and high-five, we even got Froggy to say a few bad words!!!

Watch the incredible moment above!