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Dad Makes Bathing Suit Line For Transgender Children For His Daughter

Marina Kadsiauskas sent me a beautiful story about Jamie Alexander.

He has a 12-year-old daughter Ruby, and has been watching her struggle as a transgender girl to find bikini bottoms that make her feel both comfortable and confident.

So dad thought, “fine! If there’s not brand out there for her right now, I’ll just have to make one!” And he actually created a form-fitting line for transgender children, starting with what he called “the Ruby Shaping Bikini Bottom”!

They did SO well in the community, that kids started wearing them under regular clothing, so then Jamie expanded the line by making underwear!

He truly is a superhero dad for solving this problem for his daughter, and says his goal is to make the lives of trans children more unremarkable, and just better. “They’re just kids. That’s how people need to see them.”

Photo: Getty