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NJ Guy Sets Up A 'Blessings Box' To Help Anyone Who Needs Food

Shari Huebner sent me this lovely story, do you remember those “have a penny give a penny need a penny take a penny” trays we used to see in stores growing up? Well this reminds me of a more important version of that!

Stephen Smith from New Jersey saw a lot of people struggling around him, due to being left jobless thanks to the coronavirus. So he came up with this little brilliant idea, that totally took off in his community- he built a wooden box at the end of his driveway in Neptune, and filled it with non-perishable food items. He painted the words “BLESSINGS BOX” at the top of it, and created a station where anyone in trouble can shamelessly come up, and take what they need for themselves and their family.

The response has been amazing, not only have people been donating to the box, but other community members have been inspired to create their own, spreading even more assistance!

Stephen is going to keep it up until this pandemic is over, and he’s a saint for doing so!

Photo: Getty