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Columbus Guy Raises Over $20,000 To Help 40 Different Causes Through Social

Listener Amy Ewalt wanted to brag about her friend Steve Landes.

He’s a guy from Columbus, who really used to dislike a lot about social media, he didn’t get why we’d have so many more “friends” there than in real life.

Then a few months back, a friend reached out and asked to help raise $500 for a mutual friend’s car repairs. Steve took to social media, and they raised the finds in 2 days.

After that, another friend reached out and asked if he’d help her raise $489 to turn her electricity back on, again he had the money in 2 days.

People on social have seen him advocating for others and the requests just kept pouring. Since October Steve’s raised roughly $20,000 for 40 different causes through social media. He calls it “couchpilanthropy,” because that’s what we are all sitting on these days, and he’s working to turn it into a legit nonprofit.

Amy? Please thank your friend Steve for us because he’s a pretty incredible guy.

Photo: Steve Landes