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TikToker Creates Device To Isolate A Single Pill To Help Parkinson Patient

Dan Woodman sent me this story about Brian Alldridge who used Tiktok to actually change the world.

Brian is actually well known on Tiktok, but for his facts about Snapple. Then a few days ago, he saw a Parkinson’s user post about how hard it was to take their medication- the pills are so small and it’s hard to pick up from the container when your hands are actually trembling.

Brian was so passionate about this, that he taught himself how to use the design program called Fusion 360, and designed a new pill bottle that could isolate a single pill for you to take like a shot.

He put out the video asking anyone with a 3D printer to help bring his invention to life, and as of just a few days ago Brian has a working prototype that he says uses “less plastic than a McDonald’s toy, and should be priced as such.”

It’s been patented, and that patent will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and in the meantime anyone who needs one can get it at almost cost from the engineers printing them at home.

Watch the video here.

Photo: Getty