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Alec Baldwin Says ‘Boss Baby’ Is The “Greatest Movie” He’s Ever Made

Alec Baldwin is on with us talking about the move of his podcast 'Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin,' Boss Baby and ending his stint playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

"It's about appreciation," Baldwin tells Elvis Duran Wednesday morning, "It's easy when you love the people's [the ones you're interviewing] work... The one's we do I really love." Originally the show was actually going to be a lot more like our show..... "We were going to have a bullpen of characters," Baldwin explains, "Skeery I think fits this description of a guy we were going to have that would go out and party every night.... So we had a cool idea for your kind of format and the people in New York were just like no it’s going to be you with a microphone."

Then of course Danielle had to ask about the next Boss Baby... After Baldwin explains how the filming for the movie got pushed, he praises Danielle for asking this question since it's his favorite movie. "Boss Baby is my godfather, it's the greatest movie I've ever made."

Before leaving, he does slide in how once Donald Trump is out of office he is 'done playing him.'

Watch our entire interview with Alec Baldwin above and be sure to check out his podcast 'Here's The Thing' available now on iHeartRadio.