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Dad Gets Tattoo To Match Son's Birthmark

Over in Canada, Derek Prue noticed his 8-year-old son (Derek Jr.) refused to go swimming without a shirt on. Which is fine in itself, but when his dad pressed him on it, Derek Jr. admitted to being really self-conscious about this birthmark he has.

It’s a dark spot shaped almost like a circle, and it goes around one of his pecs and comes down to his stomach and around his side.

Of course that was really upsetting to Derek sr., so he decided to do the only thing he could to make his son feel more comfortable with is mark- he got a giant tattoo of it!

Derek sr. spent 30 hours over nearly 8 weeks getting this to scale tattoo to match his son’s birthmark, it looks pretty incredible, and was apparently painful as all hell….but totally worth it.

“Now we have the same marks for life.”