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Blind Father Is Surprised With Embroidered Ultrasound So He Can 'See' Baby

Listener Brittny Keefer sent me this story and it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Nathan Edge is so excited to be a first-time dad with his partner Emma, but the pregnancy experience is a little different for the pair. While Emma gets to swoon over their first ultrasound photo, Nathan is blind. So he anxiously has to wait until the baby is born to “SEE” him/her.

That is, until their local guide dog trainer Deb Fisher found out. Deb has apparently always wanted to try her hand out in embroidery, even though she’s never done it before, and had the brilliant idea to embroider the ultrasound out for Nathan so that he could “SEE” a tactile image of his baby!

It took her 40 hours and three weeks, but the results are amazing. Nathan got very emotional when he was surprise gifted with this!

Photo: Getty