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Missing Dog Is Reunited With Family 3 Years Later

You know we form really special bonds with our dogs. But I imagine someone whom requires a service dog, forms an incomparable bond!

Well Debra Mejeur had her black Lab Lola, and back in 2017 this pup somehow escaped from a fenced in backyard.They had absolutely no idea what happened to her.

They did everything they could to find her, they even hired a professional dog searcher to hunt for Lola (which I didn’t even know existed), no luck. I mean it’s 3 years later, they gave up hope.

Miraculously, a kind couple have been feeding what seemed like a stray black Lab for weeks recently, just outside their home.

After enough visits for food they gained her trust, took her in to see if she was chipped, and what do ya know- it was Lola!

This reunion video is BEAUTIFUL! So many years later and frankly I don’t know who is more excited the dog or the humans!