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Why Don't We Talks Upcoming Album, 'Vulnerable' YouTube Doc + More

Why Don't We's Corbyn Besson and Jonah Marais are on with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show today talking their upcoming album on January 15th, their documentary on YouTube and what their best Christmas gift ever was!

"Our album was written with the intention of it being performed life," Corbyn tell the members of the morning show, however Jonah says people will listen to it and 'get the feeling' of the live shows everyone is craving. Corbyn even teases another song from the album to be released BEFORE the release date of the album January 15th.

In the new YouTube docu-series "30 Days With," Why Don't We is featured in one of the episodes. "Fans have never had this kind of window into our lives.... I think they’ll really catch on to our personalities," says Jonah. Corbyn adds, "I’m not used to being as vulnerable in front of the cameras."

Watch our entire interview with Why Don't We above to find out who got a Spiderman kit for Christmas one year!