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11-Year-Old Raises Money To Help Families In Need Of Diapers

There is nothing more impressive to me than a kid, who just wants to help people in this world. And that 11-year-old Cartier Carey- this was sent to me by Caitlyn Gates.

Cartier was shopping during this pandemic, and noticed that there was such a shortage of diapers on the shelves! While most of us were worried about grabbing toilet paper or frozen pizzas, Cartier knew this was a real problem for new parents.

So he started to raise money- in the first month her sold lemonade and make $4,500! He also used his stand as a dropoff spot for people who could spare diapers, and he donated them.

And it’s only grown from there! He’s now started an organization called “Kids 4 Change”, and recently loaded up a truck with 22,000 diapers to be donated.

He said, “other can make a difference just like I’m doing right now. They can save lives and be heroes, they’re never too young.”