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Dog Saves Family By Warning Them Of Electrical Fire

Listener DK sent me a story about Caitlyn Radel-Paaby and her dog Willow.

Willow is one of those dogs that are also part chicken- she’s skittish and afraid of most things in this world.

However she proved to be a pretty brave pup! When Caitlyn got home from the grocery store and Willow didn’t run to the front door to greet her, she knew something was wrong. She found Willow under the office desk, growling at the wall, and started to bark when Caitlyn paid it closer attention!

She touched the wall and it was burning up- because the electrical outlet started to catch fire!

Everyone in the home got out immediately and they called the fire department, who said if this wasn’t caught when it was, it would have been a full-blown house fire by that evening.

Way to go to our life-saving hero Willow!