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Josh Groban Is Afraid Of Singing Some Classic Songs

Josh Groban is joining us on Zoom today to talk all about his 9th studio album and his 'one night' residency at Radio City Music Hall.

"Life is good, I’ve got some crumbs on me, but life is good," Groban jokes with Elvis Duran in the Zoom room. With his 9th studio album, Harmony, out now Groban admits that he still feels nervous as well as excited! "My last album had been very personal with a lot of writing and co-writing," however this album he is singing classic songs that 'scare' him. "These are a lot of those songs that I had been scared of, I finally felt it was right."

Groban was set to do a once a month show at Radio City Music Hall where he pretty much had free range of what the show will be. "We just wanted to celebrate New York and this iconic venue." However "we did it one night and done." Groban's residency has since been postponed due to the pandemic after having one iconic show. Elvis Duran admits during the Zoom that he was actually going to be involved in one the shows.

Watch Groban's entire interview with Elvis Duran above as well as listen to his album Harmony, out now!