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Family Gives $10,000 To Another Couple Struggling To Adopt A Child

Brooke Stevens told me about the family who might be having the best Thanksgiving of us all.

The Phil and Teresa King from Michigan have a son, and have been trying for years to get pregnant and extend their family, but unfortunately, nothing has stuck. SO they decided adoption was the way to go!

They actually already fell in love with a child named Landon, but one obstacle they’ve been facing here is finances. And if you’ve ever looked into adopting before, you know how extremely expensive it is!

Well, once night some strangers came knocking on their door! They said they went to the same church as Phil and Teresa, and a mutual friend told them about their situation.The strangers handed Phil a card, and inside was a $10,000 check!

The couple (who wishes to remain anonymous) told them they had been blessed with 4 children and blessed financially, and they really just wanted to do this for the family.

Photo: Getty