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Family Reunited With Their Dog 6 Years After Disappearance

Ugh be still my heart!

Simon Hall and his wife Caroline lost their cocker spaniel in 2014 to a DOG THIEF! Her name is Bonnie, and someone actually went on their property and stole her 6 years ago.

This couple was of course completely devastated, and spent years checking and rechecking all the nearby shelters and lost dog sites, hoping for a miracle.

Well, I think they are having a slightly better 2020 than most of us because the miracle happened! The got a call that Bonnie was found 200 MILES AWAY!

The trio were just reunited, they are happy and safe, and the vet thinks Bonnie was stolen to breed because she’s had several litters.

So if you’re looking for your dog, please don’t give up home, and if you’re a dognapper, do better you’re disgusting.

Photo: Getty