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Man Pays It Forward, Buying Ugg Boots For Women Giving Him Gift Suggestions

THIS story got me in the holiday spirit!

In Alabama, Justen Crumpton whom is a mother of 4 was out shopping for holiday gifts, and passed by 2 men standing in front of an UGG boots display.

SO apparently, she’s really friendly and outgoing, so she kind of playfully leaned over and said, “if you’re shopping for your girl, get her these,” and told him she’s been eyeing the pair for 5 years.

It really stuck one of the men, named Vincent Joseph, when she said five years, and now she has a newborn slung against her chest! He grabbed the boots, headed towards checkout, and just handed them to Justen.

She was in total shock, and after talking a bit more found out he grew up an orphan, and since then turned his life into something, and always wants to give back to others.

Vincent? Thank you for paying it forward. Justen has made it clear she’s ready to do the same!

Photo: Getty