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Officer Saves Dog From Burning Building And Gets It All On Camera

This is the kind of story that will never get old.

Officer Travis Sodon in New Jersey was responding to a house fire call, and by the time he arrived on the scene, everyone was out of the house.

BUT he asked maybe one of the most important questions available during this time: “are there any dogs in the house?”

Turns out there was one stuck on the second floor, he wriggled himself out on the balcony!

Officer Sodon grabbed scaffolding at the side of the house, and actually had to balance a chair at the very top so he could reach over this 15-foot-tall porch.

Not the most secure feeling I’m sure, but he did it, and didn’t pause for a second. The coolest part about this story is there’s body-cam footage available, so you can see it all unfold!


Photo: Getty