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Jason Derulo Loves How TikTok Is Bringing Families Together

Jason Derulo is dancing his way on TikTok and in in his new song Take You Dancing. The singer went on Zoom to join Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk about the upcoming holidays as well as his life on TikTok.

What's on Derulo's gift list this holiday? Well thanks to Macy's Holiday Gift Guide he doesn't have to worry about it. With a few clicks, Elvis is able to figure out exactly what Jason would want for the season. When he logged on this time it said to get Derulo a drone or a board game. "A board game is really thoughtful," Derulo tells Elvis, "think something like that is really thoughtful because it allows interaction, because obviously that person wants to play with you or hang with you." He goes on to say he might be 'the best at board games.'

Back when there was the idea that TikTok may get taken down in America, Derulo admits he would have been saddened by the news. Luckily it isn't happening, but he does say, "If it would have gone away I think it would have been a sad day for a lot of people," he continues, "Families are getting closer... it's not just watching Netflix. I think it's a beautiful thing." He also says "there are so many people that have so many talents," that we have learned from the app.

Watch Derulo's full interview above as we catch up on his mili-meals and how his home studio actually helps with his work/life balance above!