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10-Year-Old Gets Saved From A Rip-Tide, Repays Hero With Wedding Fund

Michelle Martocci sent me a DOUBLE WHAMMY Feel Goods….

A little while ago the Whiting family was enjoying their last day of vacation when 10-year-old Haylee went out for a swim, and got stuck in a rip current.

And as expected, mom Samantha ran out to help, and SHE got stuck in the rip current!

Thankfully, Kevin Cozzi was nearby, and this guy has been swimming competitively for a long time, so he rushed out to help…..and saved their lives.

So, how did they return the favor? Halyee had the idea to raise money for his upcoming wedding! They started a GoFundMe, and so far have raised almost 60 THOUSAND DOLLARS!

I’d say that’s a good hero fee, if only we can raise that for all our frontline workers of today!

Photo: Getty