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Alex Trebek 'Probably Had A Hand In Picking' His Replacement

Author, writer and editor, Gillian Telling joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Friday to talk about her last days interviewing Jeopardy host Alex Trebek as well as the 6 page obituary People Magazine is running in their newest issue for him.

"It's a historic cover," Telling says of the magazine issue where Trebek's obituary will be. "It's actually of Biden and Harris celebrating with a 6 page obituary inside."

What does Telling say about Trebek? "He is like your favorite friend’s dad. That really nice guy that you actually want to sit around and talk to," she continues, "He’s a kind guy, he believes in being kind to others and giving back. He’s not into technology, but just really really warm and genuine and welcoming."

When asked about Trebek's successor and who could possibly take over for him after his last episode airs on Christmas, Telling was quick to respond saying he didn't tell her who would be his replacement. However she did say, "I have a suspicion that they will announce his replacement then [on his last episode airing December 25th]." She says, "He probably had a hand in picking who it will be.... I know it's someone that he approved of."
Right now some names being tossed around as his replacement are George Stephanopoulos, Ken Jennings, and more.

Listen to Gillan Telling's full interview with Elvis Duran below as well as her latest article on Alex Trebek published today here.