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Buffalo Bills Fans Donate $17 In Honor Of Quarterback's Grandma Passing

Buffalo Bills fan Alec Pilkington told me about something he and the rest of the fanbase did (aka Bills Mafia), and it is a wonderful example of community and care!

This Saturday, their quarterback Josh Allen suffered a pretty big loss: his grandmother passed away. It happened before their game, but he didn’t want to burden his team so he didn’t even tell them until afterwards- he just showed up, and had a great game.

Well, he’s number 17, and in his honor, fans are donating $17 to Oishei Children’s Hospital in Josh’s grandmother’s name!

In under 24 hours the donations surpassed $100,000!

What a lovely way to show someone you care- by really helping make a difference. I think it’s better than sending flowers! Way to go Bills Mafia!

Photo: Getty