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Fire Fighters Save 3-Year-Old Who Was Trapped Under Rubble For 65 Hours

This story is frankly a miracle!

Nate, you’ve told us your mother always said to look for the people running to help when there is a tragedy, and that’s what we are seeing in Turkey.

There was a magnitude 7.0 earthquake last week, and the community is gathering together to look though the collapsed buildings to try and find survivors around the clock. Well yesterday, they got a glimmer of hope and reward for their efforts:

These workers managed to rescue a 3-year-old girl, who was trapped under rubble for 65 hours! Her name is Elif Perincek, and there is really moving footage of the crowd applauding as the elated rescue workers carry her to safety.

Gandhi- added bonus, a dog was also rescued after being buried for about 50 hours, so there is hope for all creatures. And thank you to everyone who had rushed towards a travesty to try and save others!

Photo: Getty