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Listen To A 5-Year-Old's Calm 911 Phone Call That Saved Her Dad's Life

Akira Horai (who listens to us from Brazil!) sent me this story about something that happened a while back, but it once again becoming really popular.

Frank Hensley was home in Indiana with his 5-year-old daughter Savannah, and started feeling chest pains that got so bad, that once he called 911- he dropped the phone, because he couldn’t speak.

Thankfully, this little girl has an old soul, and took the phone from her father, having a perfectly calm and level-headed conversation! She not only got the important information across to the dispatcher, but she soothed her dad as they waited.

The dispatcher said most people he talks to are so hysterical, and that Savannah is a just very special, regardless of her age. Listen to the phone call above!

Photo: Getty