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Niall Horan Golfs 'Best Drive Of His Life' On-Air With Elvis Duran

Niall Horan joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Zoom to talk all about his performance coming up at The Royal Albert Hall on November 7th as well as get a round of golf in?

Niall will be playing songs off his albums Heartbreak Weather and Flicker next week LIVE at The Royal Albert Hall to help support his touring crew as well as others in the industry through the #WeNeedCrew Relief Fund.

"First of all we got lucky with the room. It’s the most regal looking. It’s got these old red leather seats. It’s just going to be amazing," Niall tells Elvis on Wednesday, October 28th. "It's gives me the chance to play the album I never got to perform effectively." Niall also adds that all the money will go towards his crew. "Every single penny earned is going to go to my crew, who didn’t get to tour with me," he continues, "I just thought it was really important. The stage gets there with men and women getting up at 5am and putting it there. Everything we do can’t be done without them. If we don’t tour, they don’t make money."

If you're interested in getting tickets to this event, you can buy them here.

Then Niall actually took a swing of golf midway through our interview, calling it the 'best drive of his life.' Watch the hilarious moment and our full interview with Niall above!