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70-Year-Old Notices Neighbors Home On Fire, Helps Get Everyone Out

Brianna Haydel sent me an email about 70-year-old Marshall Helm, who was just walking his granddaughter to the bus stop, when he noticed smoke and flames coming from the house next door!

Now, Marshall is a Vietnam veteran, so he’s no stranger to heroism. He ran over to the house, threw open the garage door where there were HUGE flames, RAN PAST them, and got into the house to make sure his neighbors were safe.

Well thank goodness his did because Gary and Kathy Benjamin were sleeping upstairs, and woke up to Marshall shouting.

They managed to all run out just before the flames enclosed their exit, and without grandpa Marshall they would without a doubt not have made it out alive.

If I were to put a moral on this story- it’s check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, because if you don’t have a Marshall- they too can save your life!

Photo: Getty