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89-Year-Old Bakes Pies From Scratch For The Elderly In Her Community

Gabrielle Slapkowski sent me a very cute story, posted on the Facebook of Les Nicoll.

Les works with sheltered housing and basically that’s homes for older or disabled people, who make under a certain amount of money.

And in one of those sheltered homes is 89-years-young Flo Osborne. She knows what its’ like to be a struggling senior these days, so wanted to use her superpower to help others in her situation out, and that’s cooking!

Flo has a tiny apartment kitchen, but has been pumping out fresh, from scratch pies during this lockdown for the vulnerable and elderly in her communities. She works with Les who helps distribute them, and each is made in her tiny oven.

Les was really frustrated that he couldn’t get Flow featured by any local press or radio, so Les- ya did it with a Facebook post! Flow’s story is officially on the radio, and we hope that makes you both smile.

Photo: Facebook of Les Nicoll