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First Grade Teacher Saves Grandma's Life When She Had A Stroke Over Zoom

Allen Carns sent me a story coming out of Michigan, about a first grade teacher named Juia Koch.

She was teaching her virtual class at Edgewater Elementary, when she received a call from a student’s grandparent who was having technical difficulties

While Julia was talking to grandma, who was just having some trouble charging her granddaughter’s tablet, she noticed something was kind of off with grandma’s voice.

Her words were jumbled and it was hard to understand what she was saying. Now Nate- I know I don’t have to tell you, but these are signs of a stroke!

So Julia called the principal of the school, who had someone call 911, and even though an ambulance was on the way, two school employees drove to the house to make sure she and her grandkid were both going to be fine.

The grandma credits Julia’s quick thinking with saving her life, and honestly, anyone out there- if something seems off with someone, it might be a bad sign. So know when to help!

Photo: Getty