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Paralyzed From The Waist Down, Jumped In To Save Swimmer Drowning

Debi Nelson from Lodi, Wisconsin sent me a pretty unbelievable story that came out of Russia.

A man named Nikita Vankov was on a pier the other week, when he noticed a swimmer struggling in the water. Two other guys were already in the water trying to save but it was clear that they were also struggling, so Nikita jumped in to help. The kicker? He’s in a wheelchair!

Nikita is paralyzed from the waist down! He unfortunately lost the use of his legs 13 years ago on the VERY SAME PIER, while saving another man from drowning! He fractured three vertebrae that day, and it’s been the wheelchair ever since.

That didn’t, however, stop him from jumping in the water again to help keep this swimmer’s head above water, and guide him to safety.

He was ironically back at the pier to create a documentary about his spinal injury, and so this rescue was caught on tape! I think this calls for a rescue inception documentary instead!

What a selfless hero! Watch the video here.