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Family donates 1,000 Halloween costumes to CHOP in memory of daughter

Lily Medina sent me a very bittersweet Feel Goods, about a beautiful little girl named Sophia Pasquarella and her parents, Pete and Kelly.

Sophia passed away from acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2014 on Halloween, which just so happened to be her very favorite holiday. She loved getting dressed up so much that during her struggle, even the idea of Halloween around the corner brought her a mental escape.

SO, before they even had her funeral, Pete and Kelly vowed to donate Halloween costumes to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia every year, in honor of Sophia.

What started as a modest memorial gesture has really grown- this year they were able to donate just under 1,000 brand new costumes!

It’s not just about the love of dressing up or Halloween for these kids- they are afraid to take their medicine, afraid to go into surgery, some aren’t even allowed to interact with anyone because of their immune system! But having these costumes, and the opportunity to go into a makeshift store to pick one out, means everything to these children and their families. It’s an escape, it’s a joy during a dark time.

If you’d like to donate for next year (because yes they are already accepting), send an email to!

Thank you for this story, Lily! Photos and video here.

Photo: Getty