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Utah Man Helps Struggling Woman Finish Marathon

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Carrie Kelly was recently running a marathon when she found herself struggling only 4 miles in. This poor woman had over 22 miles ahead of her, and I imagine she didn’t think she’d be able to finish in that moment.

Thankfully, someone came to her rescue…a prison inmate on work release named Fidel Ybarra. He was there with other inmates, being supervised to set up and cleanup after the marathon, and saw Carrie was having a hard time.

He decided to become her encouragement and her emotional support, and stayed by her side the entire time, actually completing the marathon!

This man was wearing old work boots and long johns and had no prior training, but Carrie said he would not quit because he didn’t want to leave her alone.

Fidel said,“I am not sure why I began running with her, but I think maybe I saw a little bit of myself and other inmates in the situation. We are normally left at the back and left to our own devices. I could tell how much she enjoyed running, and I felt like I could not let her finish the marathon alone.”

Photo: Getty