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10 Signs You're Actually Making Progress In Life

Even if it doesn't feel like you are, here are the signs that you are making progress in life from medium. Brianna Wiest doesn't want you to doubt your next step. You are making progress even if you didn't know it. Below are the signs that Elvis Duran read aloud today on the morning show.

1. You’ve lost relationships.

2. You’re doubting your next step.

3. You feel slightly embarrassed of your past self.

4. You’re slowing down.

5. You’re starting to care more about how you feel as opposed to what other people think.

6. You’re processing feelings you forgot about.

7. You‘re aware of what’s wrong, even if you don’t know what would be right.

8. You’re experiencing serendipitous alignment.

9. You’re more concerned with being happy than being successful.

10. You’re beginning to understand that there is no “finish line.”

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