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What Vegetables Are Best To Buy Right Now?

Chef, Dan Kluger, joined us on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Wednesday to discuss his new book Chasing Flavor and more!

"I’m excited to share it and I’m excited to have people cook from the book," Kluger shares with the show however, "It’s a little more nerve racking to put yourself out there for more criticism."

As the owner of New York restaurant, Loring Place, Kluger does an amazing job at combining flavors. When asked how he would put a spin on peanut butter and jelly, Kluger says, "toast the bread first then put some chocolate in there." If you've never cooked before, don't be too intimidated to buy his book. "There's so many condiments and sauces, you can learn one of those," the chef tells Danielle Monaro. It's something you can put in your pantry!
As far as cooking for this season, Kluger tells us we should be buying brussels sprout, pumpkin seeds, sweet potato, all the root vegetables too he adds. "It's a great time and it's sad to see tomatoes and corn disappear but this is one of my favorite times of year for what is available."

You can buy Kluger's book Chasing Flavor out now right here.

And listen to his full interview with Elvis Duran below!