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Puppy Comes And Sits On Officers Foot Until He Had No Choice But To Adopt

This submission comes from Sarah Pappas- when we think about animals being adopted or rescued, we think about a human coming in a choosing the pet. But, that’s not always the case.

Officers Taverna and Mercado were walking around Lost Angeles on Hobart Street, when a chocolate-colored pooch, literally the size of a guinea pig, came out of nowhere and planted himself on Officer Mercado’s foot.

This was clearly a puppy that was too young to take care of itself on the streets and seemed to literally be asking for help, so the officers took it back to the station while they figured where to take him next.

Everyone at the station LOVED the puppy- who was affectionately called Hobart (after the street he was found on), but Hobart seemed to only have eyes for Officer Mercado.

Well, that was that! Hobart clearly has chosen his human, and Officer Mercado honored that by adopting him. What a happy ending!

Photo: Getty