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Are You Toxic In Relationships Because Of Your Zodiac Sign?

Is your zodiac sign toxic? Here is what says!


Gemini men are the most toxic of the zodiac signs to date because they just don’t know what they want. As a result, the behaviors they display in romantic relationships are often confusing, argumentative, manipulative, and codependent. They often vacillate between complete apathy and acting dangerously clingy. Geminis will often play devil’s advocate even if only to incite an argument. Geminis can be very disingenuous and know exactly how to behave to trick you into thinking otherwise. You’ll never truly know what’s going on in a Gemini man’s head.


Probably the most notoriously toxic of the zodiac signs, Scorpios can be vindictive and jealous in their romantic relationships. Guys under this sign tend to have intense trust issues, so don’t put it past them to be the type who wouldlook through your phone, bombard you with phone calls, and be generally accusatory. Scorpios love to play mind-games, so much so that you’d think they consider it a romantic courtship.


Virgos are often controlling, nit-picky, and hypercritical, especially with their S.O.s. They’ll do anything to get their way, and their criticisms and judgments will eventually wear on your self-esteem since they know exactly what to say and do to hit you where it hurts. Virgo men have unrealistically high expectations, so you’ll know if you fall anywhere short of perfection. Virgos also never let go of anything, so be prepared for relentless grudge-holding.


Taurus men could be considered one of the most stable signs to build a future with. They’re generous, logical, determined, and they know how to hustle. Don’t let that fool you, though, as Taurus men can still be one of the most toxic signs to date. A Taurus sometimes puts money and work above their relationships and interactions. This sign doesn’t like conflict, so they’re often avoidant or dismissive when a problem arises. Don’t expect a Taurus to be nurturing to your emotional needs. With their stubborn nature, Tauruses will rarely apologize or admit wrongdoing. They can be nearly impossible to level with, compromise with, ornchange behavior in.


Aries signs have a hard time seeing anything beyond their own realm of knowledge, so trying to reason with one is like trying to convince someone that the sky’s not blue. Additionally, Aries men are typically short-tempered, self-seeking, and impulsive. Aries only want to do whatthey want, look only for what’s in it forthem, and if you dare try and question one? An Aries will go off.


Leos are all about themselves, so you’ll likely find a lot of one-sidedness should you ever date one. Leo’s narcissism stems from a deep-seated self-consciousness, so they require an intense amount of reassurance and validation from their partners. And still, Leos are bombastic in their arrogance, which is just as annoying.


Sag men may seem chill, but that’s because often times, they just truly do not care. Sagittariuses are also loud-mouthed. You can always count on one to stir up some trouble, then sit back and watch the world burn while they enjoy the popcorn. A Sag will, however, deny any accountability in the drama they fuel – even acting surprised or unfazed by the events that transpire because of them. It’s a tough feat to get a Sagittarius man to calm down or to commit.


Cancer put off a hard exterior, but they tend to be emotional wrecks on the inside. Dating one may seem sweet at first as you’ll be one of the few they’ll be totally vulnerable around, but the constant melodrama you’ll endure will soon turn it bitter. Cancers are expert emotional manipulators. They love throwing themselves pity-parties, and you’ll be at the top of the guest list.


Aquarians are less-so emotionally manipulative, and more-soemotionally unavailable(ten-fold). Aquarian men bottle up their feelings and emotions, making it difficult to get to the root of any problem. Aquarian men can come off cold and unaffectionate in their romantic relationships, so it can be hard to develop a deep and meaningful connection with one.


A Capricorn’s attitude may not be the most toxic, but it can rub people in a negative way. Caps are judgmental pessimists. They’re not afraid to point out the worst in people and in situations. Capricorn men are smart, but they’re know-it-alls because of that. They’ll often think they’re better than others.


Low on the toxicity totem, Pisces men are known to be selfless, empathetic, and doting. Their most toxic trait? Over-romanticizingeverything.Though this may not sound like the worst trait, they’ll tend to attach sentiment to anything and everything. This can be emotionally tolling, create a lot of misrepresentation, or misinterpretation for the Pisces themselves. A Pisces man has a good chance of falling in love with the idea of you, rather than the person you are in reality.


Last on our list is the Libra man. Libras usually maintain pretty healthy relationships, and most of their negative characteristics are non-threatening. Libra men can be flirts due to their friendly nature, which may drive you nuts if you’re easily irked by that kind of thing. Their flirtations are harmless, though, since Libras are also known to be extremely loyal to their S.O.s. Likely the biggest concern with dating a Libra will be their loftiness. You should expect to make most of the decisions in this partnership.

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