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80-Year-Old Man Saves Person From Sinking Car

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Dearest Elvis, so many people formally submitted YOU shaving your head, so our Froggy doesn’t feel totally alone shaving his head for his procedure today. You are a beautiful person- both of you!

And with that, I wanted to feature this story from Steven Keller

Coming out of Modesto, California.

An 80-year-old named Steve Montelongo was taking his granddaughter back form the dentist, and when they were stopped at an intersection, she noticed a car that was in a canal!

Grandpa Steve pulled over and ran to the edge of the water where about 20 people were gathered, but there was STILL a person stuck in the car! So he thought, “I guess it’s up to me.”

This 80-year-old man dove into the water and THANKFULLY, the person’s back door was open The water flooded him towards the sinking car, and he composed himself enough to yank the driver by his t-shirt, out of the car. He was alert but clearly stunned.

This man is no stranger to heroic acts, because he also saved two neighbors from their burning home in 2003 and won a metal for it!

So Steve Montelogno? Donate blood as often as possible, because hopefully some of your beautiful life-saving instincts will be passed to others! You’re a HERO!

Watch the video here.

Photo: Getty