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Stray Dog Thought Actor Was Actually Hurt, Goes And Saves Him

Isabel Modesa sent me a story that only further drives my certainty, that I NEED a rescue dog in my life. 

An actor named Numan Uzunsoy and his performance team were putting on a show outside in Izmit, Turkey. Numan’s character was knocked out on the street after falling from a horse, when a local stray dog took notice. 

Obviously, he didn’t think Numan was acting, so he thought this man was actually hurt, and walked over to nuzzle his neck! 

The audience all cooed over this adorable nurturing pooch, and soon he was led off stage and walked away, but Numan had already fallen in love. 

He’s gone back to the same area regularly since, and will not stop until he finds this dog and becomes his forever dad! 

Watch the video here.