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Mountain Climber Helps Disabled Woman Climb Mt. Olympus By Carrying Her

This story is pretty mind blowing when you think about it…

There is a Greek long-distance runner named Marios Giannakou, and he is quite the impressive athlete. He had climbed Mt. Olympus 50 times and was gearing up to do it again, when he met 22-year-old Eleftheria Tosiou in September.

She’s a student of biology, and told Marios that her dream is to climb the highest peak of Olympus. Unfortunately, she is disabled, and can’t walk on her own.

SO this kind strange actually offered to take Eleftheria WITH HIM, in a custom backpack he had made! The climb took 10 hours total.

This guy has traveled 168 miles in a hot desert, 93 miles in freezing Antarctica, and says that this trip has been his proudest accomplishment- making an impossible dream come true for someone.

What a beautiful adventure!

Photo: Getty