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Boston Hospital Helps Set Up A Wedding So Bride's Father Can Be There

Listener Bree Blair had a very personal Feel Goods she wanted me to feature to thank the team of caregivers over at Mass General Hospital in Boston.

Bree was set to marry the lover of her life in 2021, when over the summer her father was surprisingly diagnosed with cancer.

Now, Bree considers herself a daddy’s girl, and with his condition she was suddenly petrified that her wedding was so far out. So, she asked the EXTREMELY BUSY and overwhelmed hospital staff if it was at all possible for her to get married inside the hospital, in front of her father.

Reminder: this is in the MIDDLE of a pandemic! And at the time, there was a policy of one visitor per day in the hospital. But despite that, the very next day the staff had everything prepared for Bree and her groom, her brother, and her mom- so the family could all be together. They set up a place for the ceremony, got a cake, had balloons and flowers set up, and even had music ready!

They got married in front of not just close family, but the hospital staff, whom she refers to as all superheroes. Bree said, “that day meant so much to me- even in the middle of a pandemic with the busiest workers, they went out of their way so my dad could see his little girl get married.”

Sadly her father passed a week later, but Bree is so thankful for the memory and blessing of that day, and wanted the Blake 12 team at Mass General to know how much they are loved by her.

Photo: Bree Blair with permission