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17-Year-Old Stayed On Drive-Through Line Just To Pay For Front Line Worker

Angi McHugh wanted to brag about her 17-year-old son Riece Caballero-Rivera, and I’m happy to do it for her.

Riece was picking up food for his family at a fast food restaurant the other night, and when he came home he was SUPER later than he should have been, and had a Wendy’s frosty in his hand. Which was very strange to his mother, because their dinner wasn’t even from Wendy’s that night.

Apparently, he had absent mindlessly driven to the Wendy’s drive through, and when he realized he was supposed to pick up dinner elsewhere, started to drive out of the long line.

THEN, he noticed the car behind him- it was a police officer. And even though Riece’s mother had only given him the amount necessary to pick up dinner for him and the family, he decided to wait on that long line and pay for the officer’s order behind him. And if he didn’t have enough money for his own dinner, so be it.

The person running the register was so touched by this boy, that she gave him the frosty as a thank you, and thankfully he still had money to pick up dinner for the entire family-himself included.

Riece- your mother, and the Elvis Duran Show, are extremely proud of you for putting a smile on the face of a frontline worker- and thank you Angi for the story!