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Shawn Mendes Says He's 'Never Been More Proud' Of A Song And Album

Shawn Mendes is back with new music and everyone in the Mendes Army is happy about it.

While promoting his new song Wonder, Mendes stopped to check in with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. We haven't heard from song since before the pandemic, so it's always good to catch up with him. Turns out, Mendes was pretty nervous the first few weeks of the pandemic. "The first couple of weeks the quarantine hit, I moved in with Camila [Cabello] in Miami." Mendes continues, "I was doing laundry and learning how to cook for the very first time.... had this sense of panic the first 10 days, but then it was really nice."

Eventually during this time he was able to start writing music. "I got a journal and started writing down ideas, it was the first time i conceptualized an album in a book." He continues, "To be completely honest, 5 months in isolation was a great time to reflect."

When describing his new song Wonder, Mendes says it's 'reflection, hope, freedom' and so much more. "I’ve never been so proud of a song or an album."

Mendes then talks about the cooking and chores he had done while in lockdown and admitted to as long as he's cooking with Camila, is the only way his food would taste good! He explains that "Camila has this great thing where she puts a lot of salt in it and it tastes great."

Mendes talks more about this and his foundation: The Shawn Mendes Foundation that 'seeks to inspire Shawn’s audience, the youth generation of today—to learn about those causes that they are passionate about, and help empower them to use the voice they have to bring change to the world by taking action & giving back.'

Listen to Shawn Mendes' entire interview with Elvis Duran above!