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3 California Dads Build Desks To Sell And Donate To Students In Need

George Alverez wanted me to shine a light on 3 dads in California: Fernando Rivera, Andres Ruiz, and Martin Vasquez.

They, much like many other parents, were having a hard time watching their children struggle with their virtual learning, and realized one of the BIGGEST problems was no having a designated space for their virtual learning! They’d get distracted! SO they decided to build a solution…

Fernando and Andrews are brothers with 7 kids between them both, and since Andres is a carpenter, they spend a weekend building desks that were reflective on the ones in school. One for each kid!

Then people in the neighborhood started asking if they could get one to help their kid, and soon parents from all over California were asking for the help, so they brought in Fernando’s brother-in-law Martin for the extra hands and got to work!

The trio ended up selling each desk for $50-$65 when the family could afford it, with the purpose of putting almost all the money right back in to buying supplies.They’ve sold about 80 and given away about 120 for free!

They accept donated supplies like backpacks and headphones as payment as well, and when they get an order from a family who can’t afford to pay for a desk, they include those supplies in the order for the student in need.

They’ve requested most people come and get the desks themselves, but it seems like these men are full-service-good-deed-doers because they have also delivered the desk if the family needs an extra hand! They men love it because they get to spend time together they would not normally, and of course because they are improving the learning of students who are truly in need.

What a beautiful gift!

Photo: Getty