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Why Does My Dog Bark? + Other Questions For Dog Trainers

Elvis Duran's friends Jamie and John from Pawsome University, a training school and a podcast, joined us on-air today to answer all of our puppy questions!

While in quarantine, so many people we know were adopting and fostering dogs. Everyone was home enough that they could really dedicate the time to training their animals, but what now?

'Separation anxiety,' Jamie says is one thing everyone is dealing with, with their dogs right now. People have been home for awhile now, but some people are now going to be either going back out to work, or dedicate hours to working from home. Your dog will notice that and it will be hard for him or her. "I think the biggest thing you want to do is avoid separation anxiety," says Jamie, "You want to implement some thing."

What are these things? It's quite simple. "Make your day like it would be at work," she says, If you used to have a dog walker, have them come at noon. "Try and separate yourself from the dog during the day so they understand what it's like to be alone and that it's ok to be alone."

Jamie and John take calls to talk more about dogs like how to stop them from jumping on everyone who walks into your home or barking as cars go past your house. They also decipher what to do if a dog loves people but can't seem to get alone with other dogs and explain why your dog might be eating his or her own poop!

Watch above to have all your questions answered or check out their podcast, Pawsome University, now available everywhere!