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Local Fire Department Helps Man Say Goodbye To His Mother

UGH break out the tissues for this one, because it’s layered.

Cristen Castro sent me this story about Scott Wolf from New Jersey. His 94-year-old mother became terribly unwell during the height of the pandemic, and because of policy was unable to go inside to the retirement home to see her.

On top of that, this man’s wife was going through chemo. So even when he knew it was near the end for his mother and was allowed to visit her under those circumstances, he was afraid to go in because he was afraid of bringing an illness to his vulnerable wife. Basically, this poor man was put in a nightmare situation: choosing between two of the women he loves most.

Thank goodness a woman named Sarah Petty who works at the retirement center, because she saved the day.

She started thinking of ways to get Scott to his mother’s window so he could say goodbye from there, when a family member of hers said they had connections with the local fire department!

And with that, Sarah did the necessary legwork to answer Scott’s prayers. He was strapped into a lift on a fire truck which was parked in the center’s lot, and was raised right to his mother’s window. Then Sarah moved his mother’s bed against the window, and the two of them had a beautiful moment together. WHICH I think is exactly what his mother was waiting for, because she passed away peacefully the very next day.

Thank you to the fire department.

Thank you to Sarah Petty and ALL retirement home employees.

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