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TikToker Raises $12K For 89-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Man

Jolie McKeon sent me this story and it pulled at my heart strings.

There is an 89-year-old man in Roy, Utah names Derlin Newey, and he works harder than any man his age should have to. He lives along and can’t afford to pay his bills on his social security alone, so he’s a pizza delivery guy for a Papa John’s.

At this job he’s gotten pretty close to Carlos Valdez and his family, who orders from them a lot. He says it’s not because they have the best pizza, but because Derlin is just so kind and positive that they want to see him! And he’s gotten a fair amount of attention from their TikTok, because Carlos always shares their interactions.

Well, Carlos was really sad that Derlin had to work 30 hours a week all to pay for his basic essentials, so he decided to ask his TikTok family for a little support.

With the help of his followers, they managed to raise over $12,000 for Derlin, and made the trip to his house to bring him the check. Derlin started CRYING, he was just so touched. What a beautiful thing to come from social media! 

Watch the video here.