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Young McDonald's Employee Pays For Families Entire Meal

Listener Jill Royals sent me this story about Brittany Reed in Ohio.

This mother of 3 was having herself a NIGHT- she was taking the kids back from the eldest’s football practice. The 4-years-old was crying because he was tired, and then the 7-year-old started crying because she was told she was having red potatoes as a side for dinner and (apparently) is not a fan.

SO mom needed a break, and decided screw it, let’s go to McDonalds and get fast food for dinner instead.

When she pulled up to the window to pick up the order, this poor exhausted mother realized she forgot her wallet. So she told the employee, a young kid named Wyatt Jones, that she forgot her purse and had to cancel the order.

To her surprise, Wyatt took out his own wallet, and swiped his debit card. Brittany was so shocked that she said, “no I don’t have anything with me,” to which he replied, “No it’s fine, ma’am, I got it.”

Apparently, Wyatt’s mom wasn’t shocked when she found out, which happened from others telling her because he thought it was such a little thing, he didn’t even tell her. So thank you Wyatt for making the day of one very exhausted mother!

Watch the video here.

Photo: Getty