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Wendy Williams Reveals Her Favorite 'Hot Topic'

After premiering the 12th season of The Wendy Show last week, Wendy Williams is joining us on-air to talk all about the adjustments her show has made during the pandemic as well as her favorite hot topic to get and what it's like living in New York right now.

"I really don’t mind being back in the studio with the provisions that we’ve made for our staff and our crew," Wendy tells Elvis Duran Friday, September 25th morning, "The virtual audience looks really good." She continues, "It does feel good to get back but it’s equally as difficult I mean the crew and them they work tirelessly hard and my staff, and after they leave the audience, we have like 25 people their from staff, they go across the street and have to get tested again."

Wendy even says that despite being back in studio, the Hot Topics have been pretty stale saying "They're not as juicy, cause the same celebrities are going out and doing what they've always done," mentioning Cardi B, Jennifer Aniston and others. Her favorite hot topic however is anytime that involves someone getting pregnant randomly.

You can catch Wendy on her show weekdays at 10am ET, check your local listing as well as see her on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live! This Sunday night recapping the Real Housewives Of Potomac!