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Teacher Comes Out Of Retirement To Help Tutor Kids Struggling

Chris Ahlert sent me a story of a wonderful man, who came out of retirement to help out his community!

Tim Weston used to teach middle school English in Portsmouth, Virginia, and he stopped working 4 years ago. OR at least that’s what he thought.

Then he heard about the struggles of both parents and teachers these days, and how difficult online classes have been.

SO Tim had a great idea- he decided to come out of retirement, and set up a tutoring station outside of his house! He is out on Plantation Lakes Circle in Chesapeake for 2 hours every weekday, with tons of books from old textbooks to comic books. Really anything he can use to get kids excited about English!

He said it filled a little piece of his heart that was left empty by retirement, and encourages students to write down questions they had from their class. Then come by where they can figure it out together. How sweet!

Photo: Getty